Play Therapy Center of Hawaii, LLC, 315 Uluniu St. #207, Kailua, HI  96734

Phone 808-261-0066/ Fax 808-261-0096

Because the Play Therapy Center of Hawaii, LLC is both a treatment and a training center,  no child between the ages of 3 years old and 8 years old will be turned away for lack of health insurance or  inability to pay.  Our play therapy students in training, who are often already master's prepared clinicians,  are available to work with  your child for up to twelve sessions at no charge. 

        The Play Therapy Center of Hawaii, LLC was established in 2008 by Carla Sharp, A.P.R.N.,

R.P.T.-S, C.S.T.-T.  (www.carlasharp.com) as the fulfillment of her dream to provide a center

for the psychotherapeutic treatment of the young child and family while also providing training

 to licensed clinical therapists wishing to learn the art and skill of play therapy. 

        The Play Therapy Center of Hawaii specializes in the treatment of the 3 to 8 year old child

who may be dealing with past trauma, loss or abuse or who may just be having difficulty

adjusting to the birth of a new sibling.  We believe that the crucible for all the child's growth

and healing is the family. We therefore assess, treat and educate the whole family as well

as the child. Through the use of play therapy, art therapy and  sandplay therapy our clinical

staff  uses the most  developmentally appropriate interventions to access the inner world of the

child. Within the child's inner world lies his or her truth. Once we know that truth, we are better

able to intervene appropriately.  We seek to help the child master anxiety through play, help

parents gain insight into their child and assist the whole family by strengthening bonds and

promoting a more secure attachment.  Healing occurs from the inside  out. We believe as

Virginia Axline (Play Therapy, 1947) did, that all meaningful change comes  from within.

We want to help each parent answer the question: "Why is my child behaving this way now?"

Children respond very positively to this special setting and to this special relationship with the

therapist. We can even  teach parents how to apply these same principles at home  during

special parent/child play times called Filial Play Therapy. Treatment goals and interventions

are shared with parents who are part of the treatment team. Most major insurances are

accepted and we welcome our military families. For additional  information please call

Carla Sharp at 808-261-0066 or contact  carlasharp@hawaii.rr.com.  To learn more  about

play therapy, visit the Association for Play Therapy at  www.a4pt.org and the Hawaii

Association for Play Therapy at  www.hawaiiplaytherapy.net.